For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose. - Philippians 2:13

Q&A on Frozen Embryos and Their Use in Science

QUESTION: If frozen embryos are going to be destroyed anyway, isn't it better to donate them to science so some good can come from their destruction?

ANSWER: An “end justifies the means” philosophy is not consistent with the principles of Scripture. God’s Word teaches that life is already present at conception (Psalm 51:5), therefore these frozen embryos are human beings in a very early stage of life. The fact that some of them are not going to survive to birth and beyond does not give us license to intentionally destroy them, even for the “benefit” of science.

There are two considerations when dealing with this question. The first is that there are organizations (such as that arrange for these frozen embryos to be adopted by infertile couples who have not been able to adopt through other channels. The second is that a supply of embryonic stem cells already exists which is available for researchers seeking benefits for mankind.

The embryos that were “created” in these clinics were meant to bring children into the lives of infertile couples. Rather than willingly destroying these young lives, even in the name of science, a more positive and godly response is to allow them the opportunity to continue their lives within a loving family.

Clearly Caring Magazine, March/April 2005

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