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Q&A on Genetic Testing of Preborn Children

QUESTION: Is genetic testing of preborn children acceptable for Christians?

ANSWER: The answer to your question requires some clarification, because there are many variables that come into consideration. Some parents are concerned about a genetic disease that could be passed to their children. Some parents have fears over having a child with Down syndrome. In still other cases, parents want their child to be a certain gender or inherit other desired traits.

The ability to test and screen for so many characteristics is representative of the advances in medical technology, but such testing also represents a slippery slope toward eugenics.

There is nothing wrong when parents want a child who is healthy. There is nothing wrong in performing tests to see if the child is healthy. There is nothing wrong when parents want to know in advance that their child is going to be born with a disability.

The problems arise when parents are willing to kill those children that do not meet the perceived standards of “acceptability.” Once we cross the line by saying certain lives are not worth living, regardless of the reason, we then assume an authority over life that God does not give us.

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