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Q&A on the Nazi Culture

QUESTION: Why does the pro-life movement continually compare today’s abortion culture with the Nazi regime of the early 1900s?

ANSWER: The comparison between the two is striking when we recognize the abuse carried out in both cases against targeted segments of society. The Nazis believed that their nation would benefit from the elimination of certain people. Those people were “unwanted” because of a disability, for political or religious reasons, or simply because their culture or heritage was different.

The abortion holocaust is similar. The victims are not disabled or culturally different – they are simply unwanted. The current argument used to justify the mass killing is a rerun. It claims that society benefits if we eliminate these unborn children. An amazingly large segment of our society agrees. When we compare the two catastrophes, there are many parallels.

The pro-life community does not believe these two efforts are identical in scope or effect. The comparison is made to draw attention and raise awareness that abortion is a monumental abuse of human beings. The ultimate goal is that the worldwide community recognizes the evil of abortion and conclude that this holocaust must also end and ultimately be judged as a terrible event in the history of mankind.

Clearly Caring Magazine, 3rd Quarter 2009, Vol. 29, No. 3

Clearly Caring Magazine, 3rd Quarter 2009, Vol. 29., No. 3

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