But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. - Matthew 6:33

Become a Volunteer

Would you like to be part of the CLR volunteer corps to assist in our ministry? Volunteering your time and talents enriches not only the lives of other people but your own as well!

For more information and to let us match you with the volunteer opportunity you're most interested in, please contact us clicking here (you'll find us under "Services"). You'll be glad you did!

Take a look below to see what needs match your talents for the ministry of Christian Life Resources.

Volunteering From Home


Perhaps you are trained in marketing. Christian Life Resources and its affiliates have developed a wide variety of products and services needing to be marketed with the religious community, to the school systems, and to the general public. Can you develop a marketing plan or help with ideas on how best to “get the word out?” Then let us know you have that skill and how narrow of a field you wish to focus on. We can discuss pertinent products and services and get you the information.

Critical Input

Christian Life Resources seeks to make difficult and complex issues easier to understand. Would you be willing to review material and websites and counsel us on those areas that are unclear and need to be rewritten?

Music Skills

Perhaps you can write music or perform it. Christian Life Resources is always looking for Christian music to play on its “music on hold” system as well as looking for new material to share for church choirs, soloists, children, etc. to be used in a life or family emphasis worship service.

Baby Items for New Beginnings

Maybe you can donate funds or items from our "Wish List" of needs for the residents and children at New Beginnings - A Home for Mothers. Check the latest needs by clicking here


Consider for a moment the full scope of ministry at Christian Life Resources. At the national office we have need for office equipment, visual and audio presenting equipment, etc. At the home for mothers we literally have a living setting for 3 apartments, including providing transportation. Maybe you have connections to charitable-minded people in industries that could help us. Would you be able to put us in touch with those who might be willing to gift or sell us new items that can be used in our ministries?


Christian Life Resources uses life and family issues as bridges that allow us the opportunity to show Christian love and to share the message of love in Christ that lasts forever. We do this in many ways but there are always new ideas. Do you have some new ideas? Think of cost-effective and unique ways for us to use life and family issues to talk to people about their Savior and to help them in their lives. Share those ideas with us.

Sharing Stories

Do you have a spiritually based story to share about lessons you learned within the context of life and family issues? We are always looking to compile such stories and we share them with others who need hope, inspiration, or maybe just a little chuckle in life.

Good Reading from Clearly Caring Magazine

Maybe your day takes you in the reception area of an office, medical clinic, or library. Perhaps your church is trying to bolster a fledgling lending library for its membership. Look around and see if there are places where Christian Life Resources can provide copies of our periodical, Clearly Caring, and let us know.

Professional Writing

Are you a medical professional? Perhaps you are a child psychologist or attorney. Maybe you are a school teacher or journalist. If you feel you can write on a topic that would be beneficial for the staff of Christian Life Resources or something valuable for the pages of Clearly Caring or the Christian Life Resources website, just drop us a line. Let us know the topic and provide a brief summary. We will let you know if we can use it.

Family Games

We all know about Scrabble, Fish, and Yahtzee. Perhaps your family has a unique game that was passed down from generation to generation that pulls everyone together for quality family time. Share the idea and details with us so we can share it with others.

Lesson Plans

Are you an educator? Do you teach children and have you done so on crucial life and family issues? Christian Life Resources is always looking to expand its stable of materials that can help others teach on life and family issues. Share with us what you have done and work on new projects and approaches to educating on life and family issues.

Sharing Family Projects

There are some things which just seem to pull the family together. Maybe it is the group effort to build an addition onto a room, putting in a special flower garden, or working together at a soup kitchen. If you have a story to tell, take some pictures and share t with us so we can share it with others.


Did you know that Christian Life Resources often has to purchase photos from stock houses to print in its material. If photography of life and family events is your hobby or profession, perhaps you have already done the work and could save Christian Life Resources some money. Consider sharing some of your photos with us that we can use free of charge in our materials.

Computer Programming or Website Design

Christian Life Resources is always exploring new ways to educate on life and family issues. We have considered development of interactive CD-ROMs. We are looking at new and more interactive website’s that are fun and easy to use. If you are skilled in this perhaps you can help their development.

Baby Shower

One way a new mother welcomes her child into the world is when her friends hold a baby shower. Have you considered doing such a thing for a mother who can’t be there? Our home for mothers provides needs for four mothers at a time. Every year the home has almost a complete turnover. Maybe you can sponsor a baby shower to help one or more of these mothers. You can do this project in your home for a mother and child in need!

Our pregnancy care centers also need diapers for distribution to clients. All sizes are needed -- especially sizes 4/5.

Ideas For In-Office Volunteering

Stuffing Envelopes, Mailers

Sometimes we need envelopes stuffed for a large mailing. Sometimes we work ahead in assembling packets of informational material. As an international agency there is always something that needs to be put together.


On occasion Christian Life Resources has items that need to be typed or envelopes to be addressed. If you can use a computer to complete such a project, let us know.

Serve the LORD with all your heart; consider what great things He has done for you!

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