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Beginning of Life

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Adoption Resources

Public Agencies

A small percentage of all adoptions in the United States involve the placement of children from the public welfare system. Contact your county or state social service agency about children who may be available for adoption or currently cared for in a foster home.

Private Agencies

More adoptions are handled through private agencies. They help without the adoptive process with each individual situation using licensed counseling with psychologists, social workers, adoption counselors, etc. This process provides the best outcome for the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive families.

The CLR staff has had positive experiences with the following agency:

Bethany Christian Services

901 Eastern Avenue NE
P.O. Box 294
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0294
Phone: 616-224-7416

Other qualified professional agencies can certainly be considered.

NOTE: CLR no longer provides a network for independent adoption.

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Adoption Resources
Public Agencies A small percentage of all adoptions in the United States involve the placement of children from the public welfare system. Contact your county or state social service...
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