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U.S. Abortion Statistics By Year (1973-Current)


Based on numbers reported by the Guttmacher Institute 1973-2014,  with projections of 926,190 for 2015-16. GI estimates a possible 3 percent under reporting rate, which is factored into the overall total. [1/17]

Abortion Numbers Hit Historic Low: Guttmacher Data Analysis

For the first time since 1974, the number of abortions performed in the United States has dropped below one million—926,190 for 2014. Even better news, longer term, is that abortion rates and ratios, which measure the general frequency of abortion and the likelihood that a pregnant woman will abort, are down to levels below what they were in 1973, when Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton first made abortion on demand the law of the land.

In “Abortion Incidence and Service Availability In the United States, 2014” (Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, March 2017), Guttmacher Institute authors Rachel Jones and Jenna Jerman estimate that there were 926,190 abortions performed in the U.S. in 2014.

The Guttmacher Institute also says that there were just 14.6 abortions for every thousand women aged 15-44 as of July 1, 2014 of that year (the abortion rate) and indicates that there were 18.8 abortions for every 100 pregnancies ending in abortion or live births (the abortion ratio).

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported similar declines in the number of abortions over the past couple of decades. These latest numbers from Guttmacher are a strong confirmation of a significant and enduring change in abortion practice and opinion in the United States.

Reported Annual Abortions - 1973-2016

1973 744,610 615,831
1974 898,570 763,476
1975 1,034,170 854,853
1976 1,179,300 988,267
1977 1,316,700 1,079,430
1978 1,409,600 1,157,776
1979 1,497,670 1,251,921
1980 1,553,890 1,297,606
1981 1,577,340 1,300,760
1982 1,573,920 1,303,980
1983 1,575,000 1,268,987
1984 1,577,180 1,333,521
1985 1,588,550 1,328,570
1986 1,574,000 1,328,112
1987 1,559,110 1,353,671
1988 1,590,750 1,371,285
1989 1,566,900 1,396,658
1990 1,608,600 1,429,247
1991 1,556,510 1,388,937
1992 1,528,930 1,359,146
1993 1,495,000 1,330,414
1994 1,423,000 1,267,415
1995 1,359,400 1,210,883
1996 1,360,160 1,225,937
1997 1,335,000 1,186,039
1998 1,319,000 884,273 *
1999 1,314,800 861,789 *
2000 1,312,990 857,475 *
2001 1,291,000 853,485 *
2002 1,269,000 854,122 *
2003 1,250,000 848,163 *
2004 1,222,100 839,226 *
2005 1,206,200 820,151 *
2006 1,242,200 846,181 *
2007 1,209,640   827,609 *
2008 1,212,350 825,564 *
2009 1,151,600 789,116 *
2010 1,102,670 765,651 *
2011 1,058,490 730,322 *
2012 1,011,000 699,202 *
2013 1,058,490 664,435 *
2014    926,190  
2015-16    926,190 **  
* Excludes NH, CA, and at least one other state
** NRLC projection for calculation


The full report may be downloaded from the National Right to Life website at:


Updated: January 2017

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