Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. - John 3:36

Beginning of Life / Adoption

CLR's Official Positions and Thoughts to Ponder on Life and Family Issues
Abortion Human life exists already at conception. It is a gift from God. He also reserves for himself the authority to take human life. Aborting an unborn child for any reason, other...
December 5th, 2012
Our Embryo Adoption Story
Article adapted with permission from its initial publication in LifeLines from Bethany Christian Services, the largest adoption agency in the U.S. and also a worldwide ministry that...
December 22nd, 2010
Adopted by My Parents... and God
Before a couple adopts a child, they may wonder how to tell the child that he or she is adopted. Do you wait until you think the child can understand the concept? What words do you...
December 22nd, 2010
A Model Family - Lessons Learned about an Adoptees Reunion with Her Birth Parents
I was brought to my parents’ home when I was 11 months old. My birth father delivered me to the house, and my birth mother was already long gone. After he left, my parents say...
December 20th, 2010
Blood Is Thicker Than Water - A Look at Arguments Against Adoption
No doubt you have heard this old saying before – and maybe you’ve even used it yourself. It’s a way of conveying that the ties that bind us to blood relatives are...
December 14th, 2010
The Discovery - A Look at Unexpected Pregnancy and Adoption
The discovery of Ashley’s pregnancy came more as a disappointment than a shock. Despite all of the warnings to the contrary, Ashley’s relationship with her boyfriend became...
December 8th, 2010
Q&A on Adoption Options
QUESTION: My 16-year old niece announced recently that she is pregnant. Her boyfriend and parents are unwilling to step in to help. She has come to me for advice. I don’t want...
January 5th, 2008
Adopted Into God's Family
When I was born, my parents could not take care of my spiritual needs. They certainly had faith of their own. But they knew that they could not pass salvation on to me by being my...
January 5th, 2008
An Adopted Child's Perspective
I was born to a single mother at an age when she was either a senior in high school or a freshman in college.  She placed me with a Christian adoption agency, which then placed...
January 5th, 2008
History of Adoption
The face of adoption has changed over the past two centuries. It began, arguably, as a way to benefit adults. In the past, wealthy elderly people would adopt adults to gain their inheritance....
January 5th, 2008

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