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Beginning of Life / Pro-Life Movement

Anthrax Threat at Affiliated Pregnancy Counseling Center Denounced [CLR News Release]
FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:Rev. Robert Fleischmann, National Director orMr. Paul Snamiska, Program AdministratorWeb Site: www.christianliferesources.comToday’s Anthrax Threat...
October 1st, 2004
Respect for Life: It Begins and Ends With You!
With every issue of Beginnings we wrestle with what is worthy to serve as the lead story. Often it is some dramatic development that hits the media regarding life issues. The subjects...
October 1st, 2004
How Can I Say I Care? - A Devotion for Counseling Center Volunteers
The feisty side of me hates the phrase, "I care." Don't misunderstand. I am not against saying it. But I object to its use without meaning. It sounds more like a catchy bumper...
October 1st, 2004
The Christian and Government Series: Part 6 - The Christian as a Public Servant
The Christian & Government: The Christian as a Public ServantBy Former U.S. Congressman Mark Neumann(Originally published in the Jan/Feb 2001 issue of Beginnings [now Clearly Caring]...
October 1st, 2004
Violence in Wichita: What's a Person to Do?
Over two thousand protesters arrested outside an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, have been charged with illegally blocking the clinic's entrance. Pro-abortion advocates accuse the...
October 1st, 2004
'Hard Truth' Video Distributed to Community
The "Tell the Truth Project," a new pro-life group, distributed nearly 100,000 copies of a graphic video entitled "Hard Truth." The group was founded by pro-lifer Mike Skott and Missionaries...
October 1st, 2004
How are Your Priorities?
While Jesus was in Bethany in the home of a man known as Simon the Leper, a woman came to him with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, which she poured on his head as he was...
October 1st, 2004
The Christian and Government Series: Part 3 - The Relationship Between the Two
The Christian & Government: The Relationship Between the Two(Originally published in the July/August 2000 issue of Beginnings [now Clearly Caring] magazine)Editor’s Note:...
October 1st, 2004

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