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I Know the Plans I Have for You - Cassie Husby's Journey

UPDATE: On November 18, 2013, Cassie Husby received "the call" and surgeons performed a double-lung transplant. We thank the LORD of Life for this gift!

Pills. Oxygen. Nebulizer treatments. IV antibiotics. Sit down and rest. Cough. Hack. Spit up blood. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Thirty-year-old Cassie Husby has Cystic Fibrosis. She’s had it all her life and, up until about three years ago, it was pretty much under control. Recently, though, it has been rough. Pulmonary Function Test scores are down. Her lungs are only working at around 20-25 percent. Infections come more often. Hospital stays typically run 10-14 days and are getting  to be a regular part of the routine. Cassie is dying and, right now, there is only one thing on the horizon that promises to keep her alive. It has been about five months since she was placed on the waiting list for a bilateral lung transplant.

In July, Cassie went through a dry run – an exciting 24 hours that began with a wake-up call around 5:00 in the morning and continued with a 60-mile drive (that went more quickly than it usually does), 17 vials worth of blood draws, tests, tears, prayers, Scripture readings, and finally, after about nine hours of waiting, hugs and kisses with family.

The medical staff put Cassie under anesthesia, drew cut lines all over her body, lifted the lungs out of the donor’s body – and deemed them unusable for transplantation. Excitement turned to disappointment as family and friends were informed of the bad news. But then it got a little bit worse. It was time to let a drugged and groggy Cassie know that the surgery didn’t happen.

When she finally “woke up,” she asked questions, had conversations with the surgeon and came to the understanding that, medically speaking, the circumstances were all for the best.

But Cassie knew that already. Her Jesus already promised that to her. “I know the plans I have for you,” He told her over and again. “In all things, God works for the good of those who love him,” He promised. “Do not worry,” He reminded her.

Nerves were there, of course, but a strange sense of calm came right along with them. The support of her family was there; holding her hand every step of the way. The support of a large and loving congregation was there as well, as phone calls and text messages came and went throughout the day and night. The support of the Holy Christian Church was there, too, as she looked over cards and gifts from Texas, Florida and Tennessee. There is no doubt that the Great Physician, wearing His various masks, was watching over Cassie then, and continues to do so every day.

For now, she waits. She breathes. She swallows pill after pill, uses her nebulizer and oxygen, and takes her antibiotics. She coughs, hacks and spits up blood. Wash, rinse, repeat – all the while appreciating the love and kindness of the communion of saints and trusting that her Jesus will take care of her.


Cassie Husby, the young wife of  Pastor Jeremy Husby of Peace Lutheran Church in Hartford, Wisconsin, has a great need. The notice Christian Life Resources received this past summer reads as follows:

Cassie has Cystic Fibrosis. This is a life-threatening genetic disease. Cassie has officially been placed on the lung transplant list. As soon as a pair of lungs is available for her, she can be called. The congregation is anxiously waiting for this blessing.

There is a great financial need that goes along with this blessing. The lung transplant surgery is covered, but the post-surgery medications are not covered. The total expenses are estimated to be $60,000 to $84,000.

Team Cassie, a committee from Peace Lutheran Church in Hartford, Wisconsin, has been established to help coordinate fundraising activities. We are appealing to you to help defray these expenses.

The Hartford Area Foundation has agreed to assist in handling monies raised for Cassie. This will enable donations to be tax deductible and eliminate tax concerns for the Husbys. Checks should be made out to "HARTFORD AREA FOUNDATION” and designated for “TEAM CASSIE” on the memo line. A receipt from the Foundation will be mailed to donors for their income tax records. Checks may be mailed to:

Team Cassie
1001 Center St.
Hartford, WI 53027

We are instructed in Scripture as follows: “As we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers” (Galatians 6:10). Cassie represents a great personal need. Each of us can evaluate the resources God has given us to manage. If possible, please consider this need of our sister in Christ and provide a gift directly to the foundation indicated above.

This is a great expense for a single family to handle. Collectively, however, we can do it!

Follow Cassie’s progress:

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