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Flint Pregnancy Counseling Center Gets a New Start

Our labor began about 15 years ago, and over the last 12 months the labor pains became more intense. There were false contractions, but on September 9, 2013, the Lord allowed us to give birth.

The Flint Pregnancy Counseling Center (PCC) began in the lower level of a small commercial building on the west side of the city of Flint, Michigan. A few years later we moved up to the street level which gave us more visibility. During the last 15 years the neighborhood in which we’re currently located became less safe, and the building where we rented our space lost nearly 95% of its tenants. We were bursting at the seams and had nowhere to store furniture or off-season clothing. Through the years the building changed hands, and a year ago a new owner purchased the building. During that time our facility became more and more decrepit. The ceiling tiles were heavy with water from a leaky roof, and our door was painted shut when the outer lobby was refurbished! We were stopped short of conducting a staff meeting because the wooden door was swollen shut.

Things had to change. In October 2012 the Board of Directors authorized the PCC to begin looking for a new location. We looked at some buildings that were not suitable for our needs.However, two months ago we found the ideal place. It is in a safe area, located less than a mile west of a major mall. In addition, we have more square footage, and a huge dry basement with laundry facilities so we no longer need to take clothes home to wash them. The asking price was within our parameters, and we were shocked when the owner accepted our substantially reduced offer. We are located in a commercial condominium next door to a pharmacy.

When the Flint PCC began we saw 12 clients a month. Now we average nearly three times that number! We are fortunate to be able to share the Gospel with so many people, and our new building will allow us to do so much more. We can now conduct client Bible studies and provide child care for their children; there are also plans to provide a Christmas VBS on the Saturdays before Christmas as a way to present mini-Bible lessons to the clients’ children while their moms take in uninterrupted holiday shopping.

We are excited about our new start in a larger and safer place. We look forward to reaching out to the community with the word of LIFE!

God has truly blessed us every step of the way.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The dedication of the Flint Center took place on November 17, 2013. Their address is:

5154 Miller Road, Suite H, Flint, MI

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