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Health Issues / STDs

Q&A on Abstinence/Teaching Teens about Birth Control
QUESTION: I’ve heard that teen pregnancy rates have increased. Is it time to teach our kids about birth control? ANSWER: Teaching about birth control is not the solution. Abstinence...
August 26th, 2015
A.C. Green Speaks Out - Abstinence Education Works
To: Arthur Caplan, Director of the Center for Bioethics, University of PennsylvaniaFrom: A.C. Green, President, A.C. Green Youth FoundationI read your recent commentary on abstinence...
October 21st, 2005
Legal Abortion Isn't Safe Abortion
Those who were responsible for legalizing abortion in the seventies claimed that if abortion were legally available, women would be protected from unsafe, back-alley abortionists. Pro-abortion...
October 18th, 2005
Bacterial Vaginosis (STD Factsheet)
What is bacterial vaginosis?How common is bacterial vaginosis?How do people get bacterial vaginosis?What are the signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis?What are the complications...
June 8th, 2005
The Crisis at Hand: HIV/AIDS
One would hope that after all the years spent attempting to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, the year 2004 would bring some good news. Unfortunately, the news is not good. Things are not...
April 1st, 2005
A Scriptural Approach to Family Planning
Family Planning Decisions Should Be in Harmony with God’s Revealed Will Concerning Marriage and ChildrenGod desires to bless those who enter marriage in three ways (not prioritized):CompanionshipGenesis...
April 1st, 2005
STD Statistics
Pediatrician Meg Meeker in her video entitled, The Hidden Epidemic - The Rules Have Changed presents medical information from her own medical experience and also refers to documented...
February 1st, 2005
What is trichomoniasis?How common is trichomoniasis?How do people get trichomoniasis?What are the signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis?What are the complications of trichomoniasis?How...
February 1st, 2005
The Role of STD Detection and Treatment in HIV Prevention
What is the link between STDs and HIV infection?How can STD treatment slow the spread of HIV infection?What are the implications for HIV prevention programs??Where can I get more information?...
February 1st, 2005
What is chlamydia?How common is chlamydia?How do people get chlamydia?What are the symptoms of chlamydia?What complications can result from untreated chlamydia?How does chlamydia affect...
October 1st, 2004

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