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Matching Gift & Workplace Giving Programs

Workplace giving is an easy and efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to the charities you care about, typically with donations taken directly out of your paycheck. If your employer participates in a matching or giving program, please consider designating Christian Life Resources to help us speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Click here for a listing of employers with giving programs.

How it Works:
Typical workplace giving campaigns occur in the Fall but many employers are moving to year-round employee engagement programs. When your employer holds its workplace giving campaign, you will be given the opportunity to give to many charities.  

Based on those giving options, designate a set amount of money you would like to donate to Christian Life Resources. Submit your pledge, you're done!

Your donation will be deducted automatically from your paycheck (or whatever payment method you selected), and that money will be distributed to Christian Life Resources. 

As your company will hold its annual workplace giving campaign in subsquent years, you can renew last year's pledges.  

Benefits of Workplace Giving:

  • Convenience & Tax Benefits: You get the convenience of automatic payroll deductions without losing the tax benefits of charitable giving.
  • Financially More Manageable:  By having a smaller amount of money deducted from your paycheck throughout the year, you can donate a larger amount of money and have a greater impact overall. For example, if you get paid biweekly (26 times throughout the year) and you pledge $38.50 of each paycheck to a charity, by the end of the year you will have donated $1,000 to that charity!
  • Matching Gifts: Some employers will offer to match your contributions up to a specified amount.  This leverages your employer's philanthropic support and maximizes your gift to the causes you care about.
  • Cost-efficient and Sustainable Fundraising: Workplace giving is more cost-effective and efficient for charities to raise funds than other fundraising methods. The cost of participating in a workplace giving campaign is far below the cost that would be incurred if participating charities had to launch any type of campaign to try to raise an equal amount of money. Your donation enables charities to spend more time and resources on services and programs rather than elaborate fundraising.
  • Unrestricted Money: Your donation provide charities with a sustainable, year-round source funds. And because this money is 'unrestricted', your donation provides charities with funds that enable them to decide how to best use that money and invest in their ability to deliver vital programs and services.

United Way

The United Way serves your community by organizing an annual campaign in the workplace for thousands of companies nationwide. "Donor Choice" is a component that allows you, the employee of the company participating in the United Way campaign, to contribute to any qualified charitable agency with a 501(c)(3) non-profit classification, such as Christian Life Resources.

To get started, determine whether or not your employer participates in the United Way campaign. Ask for a Donor Choice form and be sure to designate Christian Life Resources as your charitable agency of choice. Or you can contact your local United Way campaign planners to ask if Christian Life Resources is eligible to receive a workplace designation.



With TRUiST's Gift Matching program, employees are notified directly from the campaign site how much a company will match their donation. With their Volunteer Grants program, qualified charities are eligible to receive grants after an employee has volunteered their time for a specified amount of hours within a designated timeframe. Click here to learn more.

Truist’s InstaGive is the first online giving tool designed specifically for small businesses, startups, and nonprofit organizations. The inexpensive credit card only online giving solution is easy to set up, highly secure, and provides a modern look and feel. With InstaGive, charitable giving is an enjoyable experience. The unique design of InstaGive’s donation site simplifies online giving, as well as makes it a social experience. Contributions are easily sharable on all popular social media outlets. What’s more, donors and program administrators alike can track donations in real time and funds are distributed to nonprofits using the same in-house processing and distribution system used for fortune 500 clients. Click here to learn more.


America's Charities

America's Charities provides a range of programs and services to help charities navigate and thrive in an environment of growing expectations. Donations via credit card, vacation time and other methods might also be available depending on your employer's program.

If your employer doesn't currently offer a workplace giving program, start one!  Let your human resources department know you're interested in giving at work and ask them to contact America's Charities. Or, you can complete America's Charities' contact form, select "workplace giving & employee engagement solutions", in the message section let them know of your specific interest and provide the contact information of the appropriate person within your organization. They will follow up and reference your name and interest in workplace giving. If your company already has a workplace giving campaign, but would like to include America's Charities member charities in your campaign, contact America's Charities and they will explore how they can help.

Click here to learn more.

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