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Abortion Leads to Increased Risk of Suicide, Death, Depression: Study

By the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
October 31, 2017 (

On the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act, SPUC has released Abortion and Women's Health, an evidence-based review for medical professionals of the impact of abortion on women.

The fully referenced review is based on global research and lists a catalogue of physical and mental health problems linked to abortions. It was carried out by Dr. Gregory Pike, a medical researcher and the founding director of the Adelaide Centre for Bioethics and Culture, and will be sent to GPs across the county.

Key findings from the review include:

  • women are more likely to die from any cause after abortion versus giving birth.

  • suicide is around six times greater after abortion than after childbirth.

  • abortion is associated with significantly higher death rates for women up to 10 years after an abortion, compared with women who gave birth

  • women described significant grief three years after abortion.

  • a 30 percent increased risk of depression and a 25 percent increased risk of anxiety following abortion

  • women who had abortions experienced mental health disorders 30 percent more often compared to women who had not had an abortion.

  • depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are also associated with the subsequent pregnancies of women who have had an abortion.

  • women who have had an abortion are at a higher risk of psychiatric admission compared to women who keep their babies.

  • women having medical abortions may experience hospital admission, blood transfusion, emergency room treatment, administration of IV antibiotics and infection.

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