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Indiana House Committee Hears Bill on chemical Abortion Reversal

NRL News Today - February 8, 2017

House Bill 1128 Would Increase Informed Consent for Women

Today, Indiana House Public Policy Committee Chairman Rep. Ben Smaltz brought HB 1128 before his committee. Authored by Rep. Ron Bacon HB 1128 increases informed consent for women seeking a chemical abortion in Indiana by notifying them that this type of abortion procedure may be able to be reversed or stopped.

The committee will vote on HB 1128 and its amendments on Feb. 15.

The committee members heard from more than 10 individuals on both sides of the issue. Testifying to the success of using an abortion pill reversal protocol where two Indiana doctors, Casey Reising, M.D. of Indianapolis and Christina Francis, M.D. of Fort Wayne. Both have helped women go on to deliver healthy babies after they regretted taking the first pill in the chemical abortion process.

Full article at NRL News Today

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