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South Dakota Abortion Ban Gets More Support in New Zogby Poll

Steven Ertelt, Editor
LifeNews.com, Reprinted with permission

Pierre, SD (LifeNews.com) -- South Dakota backers of a statewide initiative that would ban virtually all abortions in the state have a message that is apparently resonating with voters. Their grassroots campaign has increased the level of public support for the abortion ban, according to a new Zogby International poll. They survey, of 531 likely South Dakota voters on September 20 finds 44 percent of state residents back the abortion ban while 47 percent oppose it. That's an increase of five percentage points since a July Mason-Dixon poll found a 47-39 split against the ban. Leslee Unruh, campaign manager of Vote Yes for Life, which is the group supporting the abortion ban, said "people are gaining the freedom to express their opinions for Referred Law 6" as the grassroots campaign continues. "The momentum is with the vote yes campaign and we are just getting started," she said. Despite claims by abortion advocates that women are more pro-abortion, 47 percent of women back the abortion ban while just 41 percent of men support it, according to the Zogby poll. Voters under the age of 30 back the abortion ban by a two-to-one margin The issue of rape and incest exceptions continues to define voters' view of the abortion ban. The Zogby poll found that voters would back the ban by a 40-30 percent margin if the ban included rape and incest exceptions. The proposal does not make any changes to the upcoming over the counter status of the morning after pill, which rape victims could use, and 63 percent of South Dakota voters, when told of that, said they would support Referred Law 6. Abortion advocates previously ran a commercial claiming that Referred Law 6 gives women who are victimized by rape and incest "no options" even though the measure does not prohibit women in such circumstances from using the morning after pill. Since the state legislature approved the ban, the FDA has approved sales of the Plan B drug to anyone over the age of 18 at a local pharmacy without a prescription. The abortion ban also does not restrict or limit medical care, treatment for possible sexually transmitted diseases, and care to help victims with mental health issues following such incidents. Unruh previously told the Dakota Voice, "The opponents of Referred Law 6 are dishonest about the options available to rape and incest victims." "Their message that abortion is the only option available to victims of rape and incest is dishonest. It is harmful to women who need to know the truth. They exploit those victims to protect the abortion industry," Unruh added. The July Mason-Dixon poll found 59 percent said they would vote for the ban if it had rape and incest exceptions, 29 percent would vote against the abortion ban and 12 percent were unsure how they would vote.

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