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The Netherlands kills 83 mentally ill people by assisted suicide last year

By Cassy Fiano
Live Action News - March 24, 2017

Aurelia Brouwers was a healthy 29-year-old woman. She suffered no physical ailments. She did not have a terminal disease. Yet because she had a history of mental illness and suicidal behavior, she was euthanized. In 2017, Brouwers was one of 83 people killed by assisted suicide in the Netherlands for mental illness. Brouwer was young, yet suffered from anxiety, eating disorders, depression, psychosis, and a history of self-harm. She also had attempted suicide multiple times, and had spent years as a patient at a mental hospital. Mere hours before she died holding a toy pink dinosaur, she took to Facebook, writing, “I’m getting ready for my trip now. Thank you so much for everything. I’m no longer available from now on.”

In 2012, just 12 mental illness patients were killed by assisted suicide; by 2014, it had risen to 43. In 2016, the number had risen again to 64. And in addition to the 83 people with mental illnesses euthanized in 2017, an additional 169 people were euthanized because they had dementia, most of whom were in the early stages of their disease.

Professor Theo Boer originally supported the Netherlands’ assisted suicide legislation, but quickly became disillusioned. He resigned from a regulatory body in 2014 over the rising numbers of people dying. “Supply has created demand,” he said. “We’re getting used to euthanasia, that is exactly what should not happen. We’re no longer speaking about the exceptional situations that the law was created for, but a gradual process towards organised death.” Boer is not alone.

Full article at Live Action News

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