The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. - Proverbs 1:7a

The Path of Least Resistance

Many famous people from the past and present have observed an important lesson on life: there are no shortcuts to progress. In fact, shortcuts can even sabotage progress. Consider the following:

We learned about honesty and integrity - that the truth matters...that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules...and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square. (Michelle Obama)

There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting out of debt. (Dave Ramsey)

There are no shortcuts to victory. We must commit ourselves to the slow, painstaking work of foreign policy day by day and year by year. (Richard Lugar)

Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. (Michael Jordan)

There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.  (Beverly Sills)

Things that look like shortcuts are actually detours (disguised as less work). (Seth Godin)

You always reap what you sow; there is no shortcut. (Stephen Covey)

There is no shortcut to holiness; it must be the business of our whole lives. (William Wilberforce)

Despite such observations medical researchers often insist on taking shortcuts, or “paths of least resistance,” to solve human problems. When this occurs, it often comes at a high human cost.

Take, for example, the efforts to eradicate genetic diseases. Frustrated by the challenges in finding curative solutions, some researchers pursue a “shortcut” to eradicating disease. Their approach is to refine the technology to diagnose the potential for such diseases in early human development. Before the smallest of human lives can continue to grow, scientists test it in the embryonic stage, and if it carries the potential for a disease, they destroy that developing life in favor of something that looks more healthy.


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