Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. - Jeremiah 1:5a

Written Correspondence Topics


Writing to your local newspaper or legislator can be a powerful way to communicate to your community! Below are a few topics you can choose to include in your written correspondence. More topic will be added in the future. For more information or help with a particular topic, please contact us.

The following information will assist you in putting together a letter. You are free to use all or part of the information appearing below in your letter.


Abortion is a cruel act in which the life of a living human being is terminated in its earliest stages. Medical advancements have shown repeatedly that the preborn child is a marvelous creation. We recognize this fact when noting that by three weeks the baby's heart is beating, six weeks after conception the brain waves have started and by seven weeks after conception the baby starts to move. Many other physical developments follow very quickly as the baby grows and develops.

These and other facts demonstrate that the preborn child is a life that is worth protecting. Yet, there are many today who do not agree. The most recent statistics show that there are approximately 1.3 million abortions that occur annually in the United States. The number of annual abortions has decreased dramatically over the past decade, but there are still many people who do not recognize the beauty and wonder of a child in a womb.

These facts are hidden from young women who are looking for someone who cares and is willing to help. A ten minute abortion can result in years of pain and guilt. Instead of looking for a quick fix through a surgery or a pill, let's take the time to really care about both the mother and the baby.

Here are some positive actions that can be done to offer real help for a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy:

  • Offer encouragement and support
  • Provide baby clothes, diapers and food for the child
  • Spend time with the mother and be willing to listen
  • Discuss positive options such as finishing an education and setting goals for her life
  • Help the mother consider adoption as an alternative
  • Find a support group for the mother
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle and eating habits
  • Help the mother find a good doctor or clinic for prenatal care

People have worked hard and long to eliminate abuse in our society. Let's eliminate a huge abuse to women and preborn children by fighting to support life and creating a culture where human life is treasured right from the start.


The following information will assist you in putting together a letter. You are free to use all or part of the information appearing below in your letter.

Today the sheep, tomorrow the shepherd! While this might be the reality, there are still many in our communities who do not realize just how far some scientists will go. Some have claimed they will clone humans, others decry that action and in the midst of discussing the issue, there are those who are likely already working on it.

Cloning, the ability to create an exact genetic duplicate from an adult cell, is a hot topic and needs to be addressed. Many have heard the term, seen the photos of Dolly the sheep and still don't know much about it. Many researchers have seen this as a logical and appropriate step to take in the laboratory process while their opponents see it as the opening of the floodgates of moral bankruptcy.

The real concern regarding cloning is, "What is the motive?" If you support cloning a human being, your motive must be stronger than a simple "because we can" mentality. Even the cloning of organs or tissue can lead some to an attitude of immortality and defiance to God. If you can, within the principles of God's Word, defend your reasons for supporting cloning, then maybe there is a benefit. As an example, a man whose family line has a history of chronic heart disease might see the cloning of a new heart as a positive solution for a transplant. Others who want to clone dinosaurs, Lincoln or great-grandpa have a need to refine their reasoning.

Cloning will certainly not go away. Government funding, or lack of, will adjust the speed but not eliminate the progress. Only a change in hearts will bring positive results in regard to cloning. When we already have a culture that diminishes the value of human life and is willing to create or destroy life in a routine procedure, we don't need an additional kick down the slippery slope. That means people need to evaluate cloning in light of a respect and appreciation for human life. Only then can cloning ever hope to be a positive step for mankind.

Partial-Birth Abortion

Partial-birth abortion [or Dilation and Extraction (D&X) abortion as some call it] is one of the most awful procedures that can be done on a human being. There are even strong proponents of abortion who speak against the partial-birth abortion procedure. Nationwide there is strong opposition to partial-birth abortions and Congress voted multiple times to abolish this horrid procedure. Only through the veto pen of President Clinton and various judicial delays has this form of abortion survived this long.

The actual partial-birth abortion procedure is so revolting that seldom is it explained to the general public. Consequently, the supporters are often people who don't know the full details. Newspapers and magazines even hesitate to include a series of line drawings to show the process, because it is deemed too graphic.

It is clear that we need to eliminate any procedure that takes a living and active baby, deliver all but his or her head, and then kill the baby. Creating laws are helpful, but they only make the procedure illegal. There are still those who feel they can justify breaking the law. A better path to take is to build a strong support network for those women who feel that their pregnancy is a crisis. Through love, kindness and aid, a concern for both the mother and the child can overcome the fears and desperation of a woman who concludes her best alternative is a partial-birth abortion.

For those who are interested in helping, here are some options for you:

  • Write your legislators and urge them to ban the partial-birth abortion procedure
  • Coordinate a program that collects food, clothing and supplies that can be offered to pregnant women in need
  • Volunteer at a local pregnancy counseling center to show your support for pro-life work
  • Pray for the women who don't know what to do and are looking for answers
  • Offer to assist young mothers with their children through child care programs
  • Be willing to sit and talk with pregnant women who are scared; they need your support

All abortion is the termination of a human life. The opportunity to eliminate at least one of these gruesome procedures is a positive move. Partial-birth abortion needs to be banned now.

Physician-Assisted Suicide

Gather a group of people together and ask how they prefer to die. Virtually everyone will say they want to die quietly in their sleep. With nearly the same unanimity, they will say they don't want to live the end of their lives hooked up to a bunch of machines. Therefore it seems to make sense that a person who is terminally ill would want to die with dignity. There are a few problems with that thinking.

Physician-assisted suicide is performed when a doctor provides a patient with the means to intentionally terminate his or her life. For a number of reasons, this is not good for patients nor for society in general. For patients, physician-assisted suicide will become a duty rather than a right. In fact, in places where physician-assisted suicide is legal, there are patients who were forced to accept death against their will. For society, we only weaken ourselves when we feel the best alternative for dealing with the weak is to kill them. A strong culture is one that works together and helps those less fortunate. We already have rationalized the practice of killing the most defenseless people - the unborn. Now we are effectively working to attack the next weakest - the terminally ill. Instead of killing these who are weak, a strong society works together to support them.

Consider these points as they relate to physician-assisted suicide:

  • God alone has the right to begin or terminate life. That right does not belong to us.
  • When a person is suffering, we should treat the pain and not kill the patient.
  • With current pain management medications and skills, a patient should never be in extreme pain.
  • Experience in the Netherlands, where physician-assisted suicide has been allowed for many years, there are many abuses that have been reported.
  • Over the past few years, there are many cases where physician-assisted suicide was used on people who were not terminally ill.

Death with dignity is referenced by many, but not always practiced. A person's dignity is not enhanced through swallowing pills or getting a lethal injection. Neither is death more dignified when family, friends or physicians try to take the authority over life away from God. A loved one who is suffering and terminally ill needs the support of a loving family. The best way to provide that support is through loving care, pain management, emotional support and spiritual encouragement. Only then can those last days before death hold any sense of dignity and purpose.


The FDA has a rigorous testing and approval process that is followed before allowing a drug to be legally prescribed and used in the United States. Every single drug that successfully proceeded through this process was intended to help a patient in some way or another - until now. Once the FDA approved RU-486, it crossed that line and approved a drug that has one purpose and that is to murder a preborn child.

RU-486, often called the abortion pill, has been used in Europe, but the health concerns raised doubts as to whether it would be approved for use in the U.S. These concerns were not unfounded. Besides the obvious harm it does to the baby, RU-486 can cause serious health concerns for the mother. There can be risks of heavy bleeding, cramping, nausea, the need for blood transfusions and even death of the mother. In spite of these serious risks, the FDA moved ahead quickly and gave its approval.

RU-486, or Mifeprex as it is now called in the United States, acts as an abortifacient on babies who are in their first two months of life. After Mifeprex is given, the drug works to kill the child. Within 48 hours, the woman returns to the doctor to receive a prostaglandin which will induce labor. Many women deliver the dead baby at the doctor's office, but others return home and must face the passage of the baby on their own.

As a society, we must stop looking for new ways to kill our most defenseless people. When we dehumanize a segment of our population, we learn to justify some very horrible acts. Those who claim that Mifeprex is a right or a breakthrough for women's rights are masking the truth.

Here are a few suggestions of things you can do:

  • Support pharmacists who will not fill prescriptions for Mifeprex
  • Encourage your federal legislators to investigate the complications and/or deaths of women who have used Mifeprex
  • Encourage your federal legislators to disallow over-the-counter approval of any abortion pill method
  • Talk to young women so they know the truth about Mifeprex
  • Purchase materials that give the facts about Mifeprex and make them available for those who don't know the truth
  • Support women who face an unwanted pregnancy so they don't consider an abortion
  • Give of your time or money to local pregnancy counseling centers

Mifeprex is just one more step down the slippery slope. Our effort as a God-fearing community must be to find ways to support and love each other and not to find ways to destroy more human lives. Let's work together to create a culture of life and love by supporting the women who are carrying our next generation.

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