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Write the Editor


Tips for Newspaper Communication

  1. DO start with a definition! First define the issue that you are concerned about in a brief paragraph statement.
  2. DO include an explanation! Follow your definition with an explanation of why you support or do not support an issue. Include example to illustrate your case.
  3. DO use bullet points wherever possible! When you have more than one illustration to make, be sure to bullet these and keep the bullets concise, brief and to the point.
  4. DO your research! Research the issue as thoroughly as possible. Cite other studies or opinions when possible.
  5. DO try to respond to an article or reference something printed previously in the newspaper! This is more likely to get your letter published.
  6. DON'T plagiarize! When you quote someone or use an illustration, give the author of the statement or illustration credit in the body of your letter.
  7. DON'T simply duplicate your letter to several newspapers. Personalize your correspondence as much as possible.
  8. DON'T expect a response right away. Call ahead and find out deadlines for publication in an effort to know when your letter might be published. However, not all letters are published and even those that are might not make the next edition. There is no harm in writing another letter on the same point should this happen.
  9. DON'T forget to end your letter with an application. Show how the issue affected you personally and give examples.
  10. DON'T forget to send a copy of your letter to your legislator. Even if your letter doesn’t get published, they will be glad to know that you cared enough to write.

See the editorial page of your local newspaper to get an address to which you should send your letter. Remember to include the name of the editor you wish to reach if you know it. Additionally, carefully research how your letter should be written and addressed before you write it. Many papers have strict rules on the number of words they will accept, how the letter is delivered, and to whom it must be addressed.


Write a Letter, Send an Email, or Fax Your Local Newspaper



November 2, 2011

Dear [ EDITOR ],

Thank you for receiving my letter. My name is [ YOUR NAME ] and I live in district [ YOUR DISTRICT ]. I have a concern about some upcoming legislation that you will be voting upon soon, I wish to express my thoughts about it. The legislation is the [ BILL ] bill which will affect how [ TOPIC ] will be funded. Here are my concerns:


I have appreciated your willingness to respond to my concerns in the past and would appreciate your continued responsiveness on the above issue(s). I particularly appreciate your recent vote on the [ BILL ] bill. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My address is:

Name: [ YOUR NAME ]
Address: [ YOUR ADDRESS ]
Phone Number: [ YOUR PHONE NUMBER ]



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